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Please read all the instructions carefully. Measure both feet and note the measurements in the fields below, all measurements are in cm - please be as exact as possible.

Grab a measuring tape. If you want to be more exact : Download the measurement-sheets and print them out in A4 format.


Step on the provided sheet. The sheet is designed in a way that the widest point on the right side of your foot is placed on the scale and the left one hits the ‚zero line‘, as shown in the pictures.. Then, take a picture of it. Please try to make sure your camera is held horizontally and the paper is in the centre of your screen. Additionally, the phone or camera should be at the height of your belly button.

If possible, you are welcome to zoom in. And please check you have set the focus right, so we will be able to see the numbers and the scale properly.

Please also type in the cm you see on the sheet.


Next, put the other paper against a right-angled wall without a bottom rail or similar, and fix it on the floor with some tape. Now, stand on it with your heel also against the wall. Make sure that your and heel and your big toe are placed along the measuring tape - take a picture in the same way as explained before in step 1. Please also type in the cm you see on the sheet.

Sit down to make sure you do not put too much weight on your feet and always try to keep your toes relaxed, also, please make sure the measuring tape is neither too loose or too tight.


Lift your foot a little, but make sure your toes are still relaxed.

Now, measure the circumference at the widest points of your forefoot. Take this, and the two following, measurements at the middle of the back of your foot (see picture). Please type in the measurements of your feet in cm.


Please put your foot back down on the floor and measure the circum- ference from the highest point of your inner arch to the peak of your forefoot. So the measuring band should be in a slight angle - not vertical. Please type in the measurements of your feet in cm.


First put the measuring tape on the floor, and then step on it so that your heel just sits at zero and your leg is in a right angle to the floor. Here you need to be especially careful to read from the correct scale.

Then hold the measuring tape up along your hamstring and draw an imaginary line horizontally from the lowest point of your outer ankle to the measuring tape - read off the last value. Please type in the measurements of your feet in cm.

Thanks for submitting!

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