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Our pointe shoe is a modular and interchangeable concept: act’sole, act’skin, and act’laces. Each component allows for the change of worn-out parts to new ones, as well as functional and aesthetic combinations in the future.


The act'skins acts as a second skin to all areas of the foot and in any type of movement, for example, solves the issue of excess fabric at the heel when en pointe.

Thanks to the various compression zones, the act’skin effectively compresses the overall foot evenly and distributes forces in a well-balanced form to the body composition. Additionally, it protects the muscles, preventing the danger of injuries.

For Beta Phase it is a special design: Beta Logo, black laces. In the Future, act'pointes will have a range of skin tones and matching skin tones laces, as well as limited design skins with various designs.


The act'laces are made to attach the act'pointes to the foot and to absorb the vertical forces on several parts of the foot, minimizing the occurrence of pressure points around the dancer's feet. The laces for Beta Phase are designed in black.

Our fitting expert can help you with adjusting laces in a personal fitting session if needed. BOOK FITTING APPOINTMENT


We use additive manufacturing for the sole of our shoe. We developed the act’sole (patented) over 3 years together with dance medicines, high-level athletes, and research institutes. It is produced with a Laser-Sintering-Machine (SLS), which allows us to realize a highly precise geometry that adapts to the dancer's foot perfectly and works without wasting materials. The segmented sole allows flexibility in one direction and stability in the other direction at the same time. This causes 5 times longer longevity compared to usual point shoes.


If you need more information on how to fit act'pointes to get the right experience please start with the Fitting Video.


Here we collect different tips on how to adjust act'pointes to special needs. If you have your tips, please write to us: