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One of the most advanced manufacturers of products for the shoe industry, such as soles and lasts, is liable for producing our sophisticated sole. Hand in hand we optimize the geometry and its' functions to create the best possible sole for every single athlete and their needs.

Stoll is doing indispensable work by supporting the development with their longtime experience and expertise in knitting. Stoll is Germany's leading flat knitting machine manufacturer.

At HP's new 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing Center of Excellence near Barcelona act'ble soles are being produced. Here is one of the largest and most advanced 3D printing and digital manufacturing research and development centers on earth – it truly embodies our mission to transform through sustainable technological innovation.

A particularly personal partnership (and a mutual understanding for design) with the KNITWEAR LAB in the Netherlands, enables us to develop a pointe shoe that is capable of more than ever imagined. It is their openmindedness, patience and precise work which leads us to innovation, improvement and success.

Besides all the technical components it is particularly important to be in contact with people who share our passion and exceptional professional knowledge - dancers, dance teachers, doctors, therapists, and more. They support us with great advice and networking, such as the courage to tread new paths.

The Kraichgau hills with their valuable orchards, old trees and different types of fruit are an important natural and cultural area in our region. KRIO's mission is to protect it. That is why all their products are produced sustainably. KRIO sponsored our team with their energizing apple spritzer.

It is not only the work we do but also the feel-good factor of the team and every single one visiting that is essential to us. Thankfully IKEA has the same philosophy and helped us to fulfill it with a generous sponsoring for our studio in Karlsruhe. (We love our new pieces!)

Thanks to Hoechstmass we are sending measuring instructions with the appropriate measuring tape to athletes in the whole world to collect essential data about the dancers' feet and their anatomical individual construction.

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