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Innovation Festival Karlsruhe 2021

Thanks, Initiative for a wonderful evening full of powerful keynotes at the "Innovations Festival KA" and the invitation to talk about the power of dancing athletes on your stage ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien.

We enjoyed the event and are inspired by the positive resonance!

The initiative unites Karlsruhe stakeholders from science, business, culture and administration to drive Karlsruhe forward as an engine of digitalisation - for more competitiveness, quality of life and sovereignty. Through the initiative, expert knowledge is bundled, networking is promoted and topics are dealt with holistically to actively shape the digital future of the city.

At its core, the InnovationFestival is about expressing the innovative strength of Karlsruhe and the TechnologyRegion. A jury had selected the 13 best digital innovations from around 40 applications with digital transformation projects from business, science and administration. On Friday, these were presented to the public in ten-minute keynote speeches in the media theatre of the ZKM.

"The unique cooperation between science, business and administration is the prerequisite for such great innovations. More than 5,000 hits during the live stream motivate and spur us on to continue in this direction," says Prof. Dr. Thomas Hirth, one of the chairs of the initiative and Vice President for Innovation and International Affairs at KIT.

Martin Hubschneider was also visibly enthusiastic after the keynote speeches: "It makes you proud how much expertise comes from Karlsruhe. You dive into new worlds and realise what's going on in Karlsruhe as an innovation location."

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