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Internship call for applications

/ m/f/d

/ for six months

/ with immediate effect

b e a b l e t o

revolutionizing the way we dance.

we are a young company creating a new art of movement. Design and Research together with high level athletes leads to the developement of a new pointe shoe for

classical ballet and contemporary. We want to enable dancers to make a difference in their performance, live and world. Through our patented concept and technology we

create new possibilities of movement and individual artistic expression.

Are you looking for an internship?

You consider founding a company yourself?

You are open-minded and interested in dance, want to learn as much as possible about innovation, marketing and self-employment in the design sector, and want to get involved in a creative young company?

We are looking for you!

Why is the internship worth it?

/ participate in creating the future of act‘ble with your strengths, wishes and interests

/ grow with new tasks and collect experience

/ make new and interesting contacts

/ experience the great variety in the everyday life of a Startup

/ social media marketing

/ be a part of a the business growth

/ work with a young team in a beautiful studio in Karlsruhe!

when you want to

join our team and play an active role on future development, we cannot wait to receive your application.


Send us your application now:

Surprise us!

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