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We won the!

Thanks to purmundus challenge + Formnext - Where ideas take shape for this wonderful award ceremony and Dennis Lang with cirp GmbH for hosting this competition!

the purmundus challenge

The purmundus challenge 3D and 4D printing design award was presented for the ninth time in Frankfurt on 18 November 2021 as part of the Formnext exhibition. A total of eight submissions received the coveted gold trophies.

With the innovative development “New Pointe Shoe Sole”, Sophia Lindner from act'ble GmbH has won the first prize of the purmundus challenge. Winners of the purmundus challenge were honored yesterday at Formnext. Second prize went to Ramon Mañas, Odisei Music SL, for Travel Sax, while Jamie Cook, Henry Neilson, Theo Clarkes, Mark Brown, Jess Lewis, and George Jary of HEXR won third prize with their project “HEXR, the world's first 3D-printed custom-fitting bicycle helmet”.

The finalists of this year's purmundus challenge, which took place in 2021 under the motto “Innovation in Progress”, were presented with their prizes during Formnext. The award-winning developments range from ballet shoes to 3D-printed musical instruments, bicycle helmets, heat exchangers and brake calipers.

Act'ble is a young company that has collaborated with top athletes to develop a new pointe shoe for classical ballet and contemporary dance. The product is said to last five times longer than traditional pointe shoes and also drastically reduce physical pain. The patented concept of a 3D-printed sole combined with the upper creates new possibilities for movement and individual artistic expression.

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